Walking on Eggshells
Interactive installation, Open studio days, Semmelweisklinik, 2024

#installation art #neuroscience #neuropsychology #somatics

Walking on eggshells is an idiom portraying a behavior often found in dysfunctional toxic relationships, where one has to act with extreme caution in order not to upset another. It is also found in hierarchical, oppressive structures and political systems where people are afraid to stand up for themselves and present their truth because it may not fit the common narrative.

The installation is taking a deeper look into the psychology of the eggshell walker. The kinästetic experience and its reference to the past is being overwritten with linguistic material of a hypothetic future self. The nervous system as a tuning device in relationships with self and others is rewired.

Stating individual transformation as a prerequisite for collective change, the embodiment of self reflection becomes a somatic practice.
The installation invites the visitor to think with the body about what it takes to transform toxic relationships into healthy ones and collective power structures into eye level systems.
Voices: Ursula Fink, Linsey Knibbeler
Audiocollage: Hannes Buchwieser, ExtendedCrush.wav by zimbot https://freesound.org/s/244483/ License: Attribution 4.0
Fotos: Lisa Achammer