Ursula Fink, Mag. 

As an artist and choreographer I create site specific art , installations and performance on topics of resonance, (dis) connection, co-hearance within and between bodies. My ongoin research revolves around the phenomenon and ecopsychology of humaness, physical listening and deep listening practises and how they can affect political realities, participatory processes and collective intelligence. 

On the intersection between art and science, utopia and urban space I am dealing with the mechanics of construction/ deconstruction and embodiment of human perception and identity. This is the starting point for performative installations, site specific work and interventions in public space, which can employ an interdisciplinary and variational range of media.

I hold a masters degree in psychology and integral coaching , studied contemporary dance in Austria (Condance- contemporary dance pedagogy & training lab) & Finland (North Karelia College) as well as physical theater & improvisation with Wilhelm Gansch and Contact Improvisation with Nancy Stark-Smith, Nita Little, Martin Keogh, Jörg Hassmann and many others.

In performances/dance with Andrea Nagl (AT), Indira Nunez (A/VE), Julia Danzinger (AT), Izabela Soldaty (AT, PL), Sound Hui Ye (CN, AT), Martina Claussen (A), David Pridal (AT), Franz Jazzin Otto (A), Menno Van der Woude (AT, NL).

As a performer in projects of Martin Keogh (US), Ilona Kenova (FI), Otto Akkanen & Iris Raippala (FI), Akos Hargitay (HU), Linda Samaraweerova (AT), and Rosidant performancekollektiv, Carpa Theater et al.  

As an embodiment facilitator I accompany people into more self-empowered states and enable them to use their innate body wisdom for personal growth.  I draw from the body of knowledge from applied anatomy, Biomechanics and “developemental movement patterns“ as well as imagination and kinestetic images,  and somatic psychology.