Listening Body Practise

Presence training and artistic group practice

How can the phenomenon of listening be extended beyond the organs of hearing to the physical body, the skin and beyond? How do we embody, process and translate information? And how can this affect political realities, participatory processes and collective intelligence?

In this training we focus on Listening as a quality or fluctuation of presence/consciousness, that can be embodied in stillness and movement.

We are letting the mind become still. We  open and sharpen the senses through breath work, activating energetic pathways inside of the body. In guided movement explorations, we increase our awareness of the space inside of the body and our body in space. We immerse ourselves in the practice of physical listening, speaking and reading. We practise "listening" to the skin, the space around us and the environment.
The inner state of receptivity is our fertile ground for exploring whether and how our decision-making and our actions change as a result. We embark on a shared search for an inner state in which we are awake, relaxed and ready to respond or not respond to different situations. Between action and reaction, doing and being, body-mind and matter, we search for inner and outer windows of possibility to expand our perception and to hear what is written between the lines with our bodies. We practise adapting to change from a place of ease, merging the mundane with the transcendental and becoming  bodies of sound and vibration that are firmly rooted in their sovereignty.

Listening in, with and through the body" becomes a multi-sensory tool for expanding the inner and outer repertoire of movement.

The method Listening Body practise, was founded  as a result of my 10 years experience & practise in a variety of eastern and western BodyMindMovement approaches and the observation of the natural self regulation process within embodied/ movement based group processes.