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site-specific art 

Reframing public spaces 
Now matters!  
Cohe(a)rance pt.2
Ilumen gravitatis

Ursula Fink  
I am a dance-based artist/ choregrapher and embodiment facilitator located close to Vienna, Austria. 

I create experiential spaces that invite the beholder  to interact, become part of the artwork and  question everyday realities and narratives.

As embodiment facilitator Iam interweaving somatic research with artistic practises.( Listening Body practise,  movingintopresence.at) 

On the intersection between art and science, utopia and urban space I am dealing with  the mechanics of construction/ deconstruction and embodiment of human perception and identity. This is the starting point for performative installations, site specific work and interventions in public space, which can employ an interdisciplinary and variational range of media.


1. Unveiling

Performance, Eröffnung Sadkasten Syndikat , 2020

Out of the Gas-light, there is a place where no monkeys are flying...
The narcissists smear campaign: 1. preemptively starts smear campaign by planting seeds in the minds of others 2. Begins the smear campaign by painting herself as the devoted, loving, innocent victim of you. 3. twists stories and tells lies about your charakter, making sure to incorporate a grain of truth. 4. lines up replacement to use for future repuation management, supply and triangulation.

Tanz: Ursula Fink
Sound: David Pridal 
Fotos: Gleneroovi

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