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Reframing public spaces 
Now matters!  
Cohe(a)rance pt.2
Ilumen gravitatis

Ursula Fink  
I am a dance-based artist/ choregrapher and embodiment facilitator located close to Vienna, Austria. 

I create experiential spaces that invite the beholder  to interact, become part of the artwork and  question everyday realities and narratives.

As embodiment facilitator Iam interweaving somatic research with artistic practises.( Listening Body practise,  movingintopresence.at) 

On the intersection between art and science, utopia and urban space I am dealing with  the mechanics of construction/ deconstruction and embodiment of human perception and identity. This is the starting point for performative installations, site specific work and interventions in public space, which can employ an interdisciplinary and variational range of media.


6. Stuck

Intervention in natural space , Croatia 2020

Verhandelt die Wandlungsfähigkeit der menschlichen Natur. Zwischen der potentiellen Bedrohung durch technologische Eingriffe in natürliche Systeme und dem selbstentfremdeten Streben nach Fortschritt. Starre Körper werden mit der Friedfertigkeit einer niemals stagnierenden Natur kontrastiert und zum Ausdruck eines Appells der Dringlichkeit.

Negotiates the transmutability of human nature. Between the potential threat of technological interventions in natural systems and self-alienated striving for progress. Rigid bodies are contrasted with the peacefulness of a never stagnating natural environment and become the expression of an appeal of urgency.

Performers: Ursula Fink (AT), Izabela Soldaty (Pl, AT), Vladimira Sancic (CRO)and others
Fotos: Ursula Fink, Izabela Soldaty 

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